Antique Silver Skin

The aged look, without the rust

Antique Silver Skin Sustainable Panels are a shortcut to weathered galvanized metal, offering a realistic alternative to expensive zinc panels. They are a soft, matte-grey color with gun-metal blue undertones and don’t have the shiny glare that new galvanized has. These panels are offered in 3 different rolling corrugations and can be a bold choice for those who want an antique look without the rust.

Show Your Shade of Green

  • Weather Galvanized Panels
  • Pre-aged material for that vintage look
  • A perfect zinc alternative
  • 100% recyclable

1/2” Antique Silver Skin
This is a traditional corrugation and is the most economical choice. It is available in 24ga.

3/4″ Antique Silver Skin
This unique panel offers a blend of economy and looks. It is available in 24ga only.

7/8″ Antique Silver Skin
The deep corrugations on this panel will add visual interest to your roof. It is available in 24ga only.

Antique Silver Skin Coil
Antique Silver is offered in coil form for those wanting to roll their own standing seam. Available in 24ga only.

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