Recla Metals is a steel service center specializing in a diverse array of structural and architectural building materials.

As innovator of RUSTY CORRUGATED METAL PRODUCTS, Recla Metals is the paramount specialist in rusted roofing products and accessories.  Rusty Corrugated Metal is a specially designed roofing and sheeting product that creates the old rusted tin look, but uses new manufactured steel.

Rusty Corrugated Metal (RCM) can be used as a roofing and siding material for residential as well as commercial settings.  RCM is very different than Corten. Although any rusty roofing may be referred to as “Corten” or “Weathering Steel”, RCM is a different product. Both Corten and RCM have the same look and lifespan, they differ in price and availability.

Recla Metals, located in Montrose, Colorado, has done business not only with local contractors and developers in resort communities such as Telluride, Aspen, Vail and Crested Butte, but has fully expanded throughout the Western United States.

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